Fixing the Boat Ramp

Hainesport’s Boat Ramp can be found at 2213 Spruce Avenue near the site of the former Flo’s Tavern. It offers access to the wonderful Rancocas Creek for kayaks, jet skis and boats.

However, there are two main problems with the Hainesport Boat Ramp:

1) The degradation of the surface, especially at the bottom of the boat ramp.

2) The riverbed divot which forces launching and retrieval on a diagonal.

Either of these things could cause boat/trailer damage or even bodily injury. While I understand concerns that fixing the boat ramp will attract more out of town visitors, I nevertheless feel it should be fixed. This is not only a matter of public safety, but also currently reflects badly on Hainesport. In addition, there are many small businesses and eating establishments in Hainesport which would benefit from increased visitors. I would love to hear residents’ views on both sides of this argument.

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