Coming Soon: Creek Turn Park

Conceptual Layout

In 2017 Hainesport Township bought what was once known as “Creek Turn Pottery” from the Estate of the Kleiner Family. We plan to turn this site, located off Route 38 between the Diamond Diner and Dunleavys, into 24+ acres preserved as open space and for passive recreation.

Pebble Beach (Photo by John Anderson)

The Covid Pandemic has delayed the realization of these plans, but we are finally getting ready to initiate Phase 1. In the 2023 budget, we have allocated $250,000 for site improvements.

One of the advantages of this land is the access to the South Branch of the Rancocas Creek. Passing kayaks can already pause here to enjoy the spot’s natural beauty. And soon a hiking trail will link Pebble Beach to the bluffs above. Note: access may not be sufficient to make this a pick up point. However, it will make an excellent half way point between putting in at Lumberton Boat Ramp and pick up at the Hainesport Boat Ramp.

We will clean up existing hiking trails and add new ones, along with plaques providing information on the historic nature of the site and its many natural assets. The ruined house will be torn down, although the factory walls may be preserved for future community use. Finally, we have a special project in the works, which Hainesport will find out about very soon!